There once lived a man named Grimauldi who was so funny that he could make legions of people collapse in fits and howls.

When a depressed man once asked a doctor to help him, the doctor said, “Go and see Grimauldi! He will make you feel better!”

The man said, “I am Grimauldi”

Laugh A Day Book: Charcoal Sketches by Bruce Horak

A collection of sketches created while in Residency at Gibraltar Point, Toronto Island.  Printed using the iPhoto Application on my Macbook Air as a Christmas gift for my brother Stephen and his lovely family out in Victoria.  Very limited edition, you understand.  Currently there are less than 30 in existence. 

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There is a sympathetic response when looking at a person who is laughing.  

Inundated with current events has lead to a feeling of despair.  In order to combat this overwhelming sense of doom I begin each day by sketching a person laughing.  

The initial feeling is one of joy.  As I delve into the sketch, the image becomes deconstructed and I no longer see a person laughing - it is broken down to shadows, highlights, shapes, perspective... Some of these smaller shapes within the image are hilarious (there's a scrotum where Trump's neck meets his collar, for instance).  

Finding laughs within the laughs is a true delight.

More light into this darkness?  I can only hope.