Breakin' Through

So, you got yourself a creative block?  

Me, too.

Is it like somethin' stuck between your teeth and you ain't got a tooth-pick, maybe?  Or is it more like you're bored to death of what you've done and the thought of goin' back at it drives you to tears?  Or... maybe the news of the world has once again ballooned up that niggling spark of an idea that creating art in the end times is about as useful as coffee-grounds behind the stove?

I could go on...

I think I get a creative block once a day.  Once a day?  Really?  Yup - I've been here on Toronto Island in the studio for 5 weeks now, and the thought occurred to me today that my blocks are actually some of the most creative times I have - I can come up with a myriad of reasons why I "can't" paint/write/draw/sing/play that take far more creative juice than actually just putting the "thing to the thing"  (brush to canvass, pen to paper, finger to keyboard, etc).

Most days I think, "Well - I'm paying a lot of money to be here and I better have something to show for it" (thank you, capitalism) and I just do it.

Other days, I go down the rabbit-hole of watching/reading about creativity and inspiration which is a delightful way to procrastinate.  Here's a good one I watched recently: 

John Cleese on creativity.

And then there's days like this one, where I looked at what I had done and thought, "well, I know I have to do something here, but I have no idea what... " so, I put on some music and danced until I stopped thinking so much.   I got out of my head and back into play.

Once I started feeling good, I got back to painting.

Breaking through a creative block can be achieved by dancing in your underwear.