Building a painting

It never turns out the way you expect, and that's part of the joy of it.  

The lesson over the last five years of painting has been to release myself of expectations.   Improvisation and Clown training have many uses, it would seem.

This staircase is in Toronto near St. Claire and Dufferin.  I was house-sitting up in that neighbourhood and getting to this spot meant I was almost home.  I would often go out of my way just so I could climb these stairs and into the glorious light.  

From sketch to finished work... Five days and nights in the studio at Artscape, Gibraltar Point on Toronto Island. A retreat just minutes from the city. This short video captures the process of painting (minus the tears). The railings were tricky, so I used a grid system over a photograph to try and "get it right" The light standard on the left and a tree on the right had to go (they were bugging me) The finished piece measures 2.5 feet by 3.5 feet. The asking price is $1200. All proceeds will eventually make their way back into the current monetary system.