It's a Dry Rain

It may be raining but you don't need an umbrella, because as room-mate Greg says, "it's a dry rain".

I love people who can put a positive spin on life. 

A few years ago I had the pleasure of doing a portrait session with Susinn McFarlen in Vancouver.  We were talking about the incessant rain and the tendency towards depression and she had such a lovely way of looking at it.  She told me about watching people moving through the rain and how they would hunch up their shoulders and rush through it all.  She wondered how it would affect their mood and their disposition - holding their bodies like that.  She decided to change her outlook and learn to enjoy the feeling of rain on her face.  To learn to walk with her chin up in the rain.  

In Vancouver, a person can get plenty of practice. 

My Chi Gong teacher in Toronto, Vince used to say, "get comfortable being uncomfortable".  

I've had some practice doing that over the last few years while I've been a Hobosapien. 

I'm so grateful for those 7am, freezing mornings out in the park practicing Chi Gong with Vince.  Hard to believe I would miss them - but I do. I doubt I could have handled being on the road this long (without a "comfort zone") without those sessions.  

Lost valuables, lost keys... getting lost in general...

All of those moments have taught me so much.  Even if they were terrifying.  Frustrating.  Anger-inducing.  

I must admit to being grateful for them.

I used to be a TERRIBLE flyer.  And, with the help of Chi Gong, I'm much better.  Not great, mind you.  But certainly much better. When I hit turbulence, it's a reminder to breathe, centre myself, and be present to the keep practicing.

I guess what I'm saying is, learning to practice and a change of perspective has helped me ride this wave... even enjoy it..

After all, it's a dry rain.