The Big One

It took over a week.  A conservative estimate would be close to 50 hours - but it is, at last, complete.  

Tlell River Hike, Haida Gwaii.  9 ' x3'

Tlell River Hike, Haida Gwaii.  9 ' x3'

I have never attempted such a large painting  I think the biggest I've done is just over 3 feet, so this was quite a challenge.  

I worked from a photograph taken while in Haida Gwaii which I printed up and clipped into the appropriate panels.  I drew a grid over the photo to correspond to the grid I had drawn on the canvass.  I then sketched it out, and began to add the paint.  

My ipad came in very handy in order to zoom in to the details.  I dropped the ipad the other week, but it's still working enough to be useful.

Spending so much time looking at the image was like being transported back to that place.  So many of the little details popped out and I could almost smell the air.  It was really lovely, and I can't wait to attempt something this large again.  

I've done this painting here in Portland for Stacey Hallal in exchange for a room in her house and use of her Garage as  studio space.  It seems to me to be a perfect exchange.   Perhaps this will be a trend?